Fiber optic networking is slowly replacing copper as the standard for high speed data transfers. While fiber has the disadvantage of requiring more expensive equipment and training, the extra expenses are well worth the monumental gains in speed and efficiency. Installing a fiber network can help you transmit more info with greater fidelity over longer distances. It also provides added security, and is more resistant to electrical interference than traditional cooper cabling.

We have a huge selection of fiber optic supplies including, of course, the fiber cables themselves. We’ve got fiber patch cords, plenum & riser cables, single and multimode fiber optic cabling, and fiber optic connectors for your termination needs.

Fiber is, hands down, the world’s most difficult cable to terminate. Optical fibers must be finely cut, cleaned, polished, and inspected to ensure performance. It is certainly a far cry from the strip-and-crimp termination of copper cabling! We feature a huge selection of fiber termination kits, cleavers, and cleaning supplies for your termination needs. Whether you prefer sprays, wipes, or cleaning sticks, we’ve got you covered.

Our fiber optic testers and test kits will help you troubleshoot your network both during and after installation. Our fiber enclosures include wallmount options, racks and housings, and outdoor enclosures. And our fiber patch panels are available in a number of different options that can be customized to fit virtually any fiber optic application.